Hello Beauty !!
Today I wanted to tell you about an online store called Todounplacer , as you will imagine it is a sex shop here you can find so much lingerie, cosmetics, lubricants, oils, inflatable dolls, condoms, games for couples and you can also buy vibrators and many more things!
Also they have a section of Offers where you can find great bargains, n go through this section that surely you like something.
As you can see I I have asked for lingerie I have been pleasantly surprised that it is of better quality than you can see in the photo.
The best of all is that you will not have to pass the " embarrassment " of going to buy them, because the packages are totally discreet anywhere puts that is a sexshop, or a pleasure ... no one can imagine what is inside.
Your payment methods are secure, we can pay by credit card bank transfer, paypal or cash on delivery.
If you want to make a purchase you can use the discount code TUP20 and they will make you a 20% discount on Todounplacer .
And did you know todounplacer sexshop ? Kisses