Paz Rodriguez kids clothes

Hello Beauty !!
Today I want to tell you about a new company called Paz Rodriguez .
From the beginnings in small installations, PAZ Rodríguez has become a technologically advanced, modern company, with cutting-edge infrastructures that, without losing the charm of tradition and craftsmanship, are has made a prestigious gap both in the domestic market and abroad.
PAZ Rodríguez has also proved to be an example of versatility, of adaptation to the new needs, tendencies and tastes of society. Today, PAZ Rodríguez bets for new lines of modernity that makes it stand beside the new times.
To the application of the latest advances in fabrics and designs, the craftsmanship, elegance, details, touch and softness are combined with hand embroideries and embroideries that have characterized our brand since its creation.
In addition to throughout the national territory, also in Rome, Milan, Paris, London, Miami, Toronto and in countries on five continents enjoy our clothes. His prestige grows geographically.

As you can see in the images they have clothes for both children and babies. And for all tastes, it makes you want to eat them, so beautiful dresses.

I have ordered this blue set for 6 months. The quality is very good, and it is very warm. Both the top and the bottom come. I see it very good the truth, then when I wash it several times we'll see if I still think the same, but for now very well.
Although I've ordered it online, you can also find in many physical stores, that sell this type of clothes. On the web you have a search engine, enter the zip code and you will see which is the nearest establishment where they sell.
Paz Rodriguez children's clothing

What do you think of the clothes for children and babies from Paz rodriguez ? Have you ever bought this brand for kids? Kisses