Stockings with hairs.

Hello girls!

Tired of wearing the typical transparent stockings that do not contribute anything ... well if they bring us warmth and sometimes huge careers that come from above to low and we have some horrible legs.

Or this other type of stockings is not that they are very nice ...

Well calm that I bring the solution (haha I do not believe it or me)
In China they have taken stockings with hair, careful to have if you are going to fall from the chair: -)
Pretty right? A Chinese company has created these stockings to discourage the looks of perverts when women wear skirts.

But these stockings do not end up convincing many of these women because they also scare the handsome men 🙂 I did not know that there were handsome Chinese ... to me they all seem the same, haha ​​I suppose to them The same thing will happen to us.

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And you would put these stockings with hairs ? haha kisses