Famous with and without Photoshop

Hello girls !!
Today I come with a new post, this time to raise our spirits, we always see that the famous ones are perfect in the photos, because today we are going to see that not everything is what it seems that the photoshop a long time ago and for that reason the famous ones go out so well, that is, today we are not going to see the beauty tricks of the famous , rather we are going to see the pious lies .

Famous with and without Photoshop:

Jennifer Hewitt much better with dress besides her nuclear target in which I also include myself is not to favor her a lot ... But of course it's not just the dress, it's also the pose and also the use of photoshop.

kate moss ; I think I do not need to tell you that in the middle is the one that has Photoshop ... that goes if you hardly notice. Total in one sale all sexy and in the other, in short is not even far what we try to sell in the image with photoshop.

Jennifer Lopez: small face of few Friends has in the second photo. In this case not only long ago the photoshop but also the makeup and the hairstyle because it looks like another.

And what do you say to me? Cristina Pedroche , look that I like this girl but you can see photoshop pretty well, no. Apart from the photoshop also the face of frightened and its hairs all scrambled do much.
Of course, the photo with photoshop seems to be going away. Cristina Pedroche without photoshop is not ugly, but she is not as pretty and sexy as they would have us believe with that kind of photos.

Isabel Preysler : even the teeth change with the photoshop, if it looks like he is 20 years old.

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What do you think of the famous with photoshop and without? Are you in favor or against photoshop? Kisses